Freitag, 14. Mai 2010


My newest work is a simple, black choker with a pretty cameo charm.
I should really make more of those chokers, they're so much fun! And of course, they're not too much work xD

I'm currently staying at my boyfriend's place, so I won't make anything new the next few days. Next week is probably gonna be really stressful, we'll have a practice exam at school.
For normal school days I usually have to take the bus at 6:09 and return home at about 16:50, next week it will be 18:50 or later. Which means I'll be away for at least 13 hours a day ;_; Not much free time, either.
I'm really looking forward to the exams being over - although this means that I'll be done with school and I'm almost sure I'm gonna miss it xD

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